4e design philosophy: The Series

I’ll kick off this blog by looking at the design philosophy of D&D 4e as seen from my little corner of the woods.

As the about page states, I played 2e and 3e but not 3.5e. I’m also not a native English speaker, so from time to time my sentences will probably get a little laboured.

I also do not live in the States, but in a weird little country called Denmark in Scandinavia.

This means a lot of things, but chiefly it means that a lot of the culture of the D&D community is not available to me. I have never gone to a con. There is not a game shop in all of my country that runs D&D Encounters. There’s no reason for me to join the RPGA. When Twitter discussions are firing up, I’m usually sleeping (sorry for late comments, guys).

What I am, however, is a DM like so many others. I got my little group and we go on our adventures and we try to have fun.

I will in this inaugural series take a look at how the design philosophy of 4e seems from my point of view. This means that I will not purport to know anything about anything about the conscious design philosophies of the designers. They may or may not have intended the things I point out. But this is how I as a DM experience the game and the philosophy that I discern underlying it.

I have no insider knowledge. I have not designed games myself, other than a few largely unrealised attempts in my youth (I do teach game design, but that’s video games, and that’s different). But I  play D&D. I played D&D before. And there are things I like and things I question about the way 4e is unfolding, and I’d like to address them.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it, and I look forward to any comments about it.

I’m posting the first instalment in just a few minutes. It’s about Players and DMs.

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